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MidState Rugby 2021 Season Meeting

March 18 Zoom Meeting - Summary

  • Covid Protocols

    • COVID Information

      • Ali and Sean are the contact people for any questions or information

      • Contact information (emails and phone numbers) will be available on the homepage of our website

    • If your player is sick, has been quarantined by their school or the DPH, has any symptoms, has a sick sibling or parent at home, etc - they must not come to practice until they are cleared.

    • Masks required at all times, no exceptions

      • The DPH has mandated that all rugby teams must wear masks while playing, on the sidelines, coaching, spectating - all people at all times

      • We will have a recommended mask style and scrum cap combo - more info on that from the head coaches at their future meetings. 

    • Pre-practice check in

      • Preliminary form to fill out on our website, needs to be filled out within 2 hours of the start of practice, then players will come to the check in area and get their temperature taken and ensure they are good to participate

      • Before being checked in, players should remain in their cars or physically distanced - no activity without a coach.

    • Practice structures

      • Players will be grouped or cohorted for practice - head coaches will talk more about that 

    • Matches and spectators:

      • We would like to limit the number of spectators, we are going to default to the rules of the field where we are playing our matches in order to dictate how many spectators can be there. Currently, the DPH is recommending 1 parent per player only at this time.  We will monitor their determinations and update you as the season progresses.

      • Single school programs will not be playing multi school programs (like ours) at this time, we will again keep parents and players informed of any changes or updates.

    • Carpooling

      • Highly discouraged at this time

  • Registration

    • Every player must be registered through Sport LOMO before their first day of practice (linked on our registration page on the website). No exceptions.

      • As far as refunds - we will be flexible at the beginning of the season, but the costs go to certain items - once those items are paid for, that part of a refund cannot be given. IE: shorts, socks, etc.

  • Recruiting

    • If you know another person who is interested in playing, encourage them to come out!

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